Thanks for dropping by: I’m writing this blog from behind the mask of anonymity because I’m not sure that I want my name associated with it for sure.  I’m a (23-year old) now 25-year old, small (5’7″), bespectacled, British, Catholic man, who also happens to be quite geeky.  I’m entirely fed-up of the modern match-making world.  I hope to document my attempts at finding a partner within this blog, no matter how big or small.

I’d love to hear back, so if you have any feedback on things I say, agree/disagree, please do drop me a line at mysterybloke@outlook.com. If it’s particularly interesting or deserving, I may even contact you through my real-life accounts.  I do like the idea that there are others in a similar position to me, so please do speak up!


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