4 comments on “An Endless Perseverance

  1. Maybe you are trying “too hard.” If you have prayed, then sit back and relax a little, and trust God to do what is right for you and someone else. Think of it this way.

    You are finding out early in the relationship this may not be the right person for you. That is far better then finding out 10 years down the road. Trust me, been there and done that!

    You want the person for the rest of your life, who is going to bring you love, joy and happiness. Not pain and sorrow. She is out there. I waited 11 years to find that person. God Bless, SR

    • Thanks for commenting so insightfully. Sadly, I really struggle with this. I was better at it pre-2017. Then, after doing exactly what you described here, someone amazing walked into my life; all the clues seemed to be adding up. But it ended badly in a very stupid way – no sin or blame and a lack of real reason.

      I’ve had trust issues with dating and with God (on the topic of romance) ever since the early portion of 2017.

      I’ve been rebuilding that trust but it’s all too easy to fall back into desiring understanding and/or relief.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I attempted to follow your blog, but the link didn’t seem to follow through properly!


  2. Cheer up. It can be tough…
    Despite the circumstances, choose to be happy and grateful, live a high quality life in the meanwhile, and trust that good things will come. And women love confident men, comfortable in their own skin, right? I do!

    Nowadays, I choose to be happy, because I don’t want to waste my life. If I never find the One, at least I will have lived life to the full… (but, yes, there are hard days…).

    God is good, my friend.

    Matt Boggs has some great relationship and dating advice on youtube. Very honorable! Ever heard?

    Hope you follow my story, too!

    • Hello and thanks for reading!

      I’m not as ‘down’ in real life as I sound on here. This is my online spleen – venting all the nasty, irritating thoughts that would drive away anyone in normal conversation!

      And not to sound cynical, but this year has seen me rejected 3 times by 3 very different women who’ve all railed on about how handsome, considerate and confident I am… So, something must give!

      You do right – good on you.

      That’s the notion I struggle most with right now. Or rather not that God’s good, but whenever someone reminds me He’s compassionate, my 2017 cynicism drive burns out!

      Will do – have given you a follow and cheers again for stopping by!

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