3 comments on “Short-lived euphoria

  1. This notice popped into my email. I’m a new follower, but I admire your truth and openness to share your details about dating and faith. I, too, am a practicing Catholic and it’s interesting to see the other side of the story, from a guy’s perspective. I think it’s hard not to fall hard for someone, especially when they share your religious beliefs, since there are few of us practicing Catholics in our generation. You can’t lose hope. I recently went through a break-up a month ago, only dating for a month, but he was practicing Catholic, thought things were going really great, and then out of the blue he opens up about not truly being over someone he dated for 2 months only a month before we met. It stung, especially since he said he wasn’t emotionally present. I hate when our gut is right about something being off, but things happen for a reason. I think that God has a plan and vocation for all of us, and we just have to pray for strength and patience to guide us and help us get to that point. Sometimes things happen when we least expect them. Good luck!

    • Hello! Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m not sure if it’s truth and openness ha – I’ve donned a mask of anonymity and writing about it helps me channel the negative thoughts. Thank you for saying that – you’ve no idea what a kind word means at the moment. 🙂 My very recent experience has left me wondering if I’m sane to have fallen hard for a Catholic – I think I am – she’s been confused at my response; almost as if it shouldn’t have happened.

      Sorry to hear about your own break-up story. In all honesty, this was the toughest thing I have ever endured and that’s compared to family deaths, job interviews, exams etc. I think the Catholic factor, whilst making day-to-day better made this ending a whole lot worse. Because, if you’re anything like me, it makes me wonder where God’s hands were and how to decipher his wishes!

      You’re absolutely right – we shouldn’t give up hope and prayer and right-living should get us through. Can I ask – do you tend to/have used online dating to find Catholics?

      Good luck to you too!


      • Despite donning a mask of anonymity, you’re still being vulnerable and sharing your personal experiences with others, which may help someone else realize something or feel less alone if they are going through something similar.

        I usually feel that everything happens for a reason, good and bad. Yes, I think that the Catholic factor, especially when dating someone in our generation, is almost like finding a “unicorn,” making it that much harder to let go when it comes to an end. I’m not sure how deep of a connection you two had, but I think the biggest thing is to remember that God doesn’t always give you the answers you want or that you think you need, or sometimes answers by not answering at all. Sometimes I feel like no matter how much I pray for my vocation or some sort of sign, the best thing is to just let things happen as they should and to focus on everything else…at least that’s kind of the approach I’ve taken with dating.

        I have used online dating, but I haven’t used it to specifically find someone who’s Catholic. If a guy isn’t Catholic, it isn’t a make/break thing for me; rather, he has to be able to respect my values and beliefs and be open to having conversations about it in a constructive and respectful manner, if they do arise.

        Hope this helps!

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